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Ike Spivak is an American multi-instrumentalist, music producer, voice actor, and educator based in Denver, Colorado. His 2022 release, Earth to Isaac, features original music heavily influenced by Jazz, EDM, and Hip-hop genres.

Since 2020 Ike has been working for Pan-Asian Creations LLC to do voice acting and produce sound for Holiday toys including Target's viral success, "Lewis" the pumpkin ghoul.


After composing four original big-band arrangements and winning first place at the Next Generation Jazz Festival with the Lamont Jazz Orchestra, Ike graduated from University of Denver with a degree in jazz saxophone in 2019. In the same year, he recorded saxophone on Away from Home, an album by Venezuelan bassist, Gonzalo Teppa. The Colorado Music Teachers Association gave Ike their Commissioned Composer Award in 2021.

Ike is also an active educator who has worked with the Colorado Conservatory for the Jazz Arts and with private students since 2015.


Here and Meow - Pet Friendly Jazz Collective (2023)

1st Edition - Nostal-jazz (2023)

Happy Boy - The Salesmen (2023)

Vessel - Messenger Music Collective (2023)

Secret Language - MaryLynn Gillaspie (2022)

Earth to Isaac - Ike Spivak (2022)

Old Light - Random Temple (2022)
Sandcat - Sandcat (2021)
Squeaky Wheel (Ike Spivak Remix) - Mike Casey (2021)
Astro Laps - Ike Spivak (2020)
Away from Home - Gonzalo Teppa Quintet (2019)
Intangible Tales - Ike Spivak (2019)
La Familia - Bob Montgomery (2018)

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