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Welcome to my digital portfolio! I'm well on my way to becoming an unstoppable multimedia juggernaut. I've managed to write, perform, and arrange music for all sorts of ensembles, including big band. Later I found myself producing my own records, and doing sound design plus voice-acting with Pan Asian Creations LLC for holiday toys sold by Home Depot, Target, Walmart, etc. I've also spent a couple years learning animation, video editing, and VFX in Blender. I could use a job opportunity that will make use of my skills, and connect me with great people.

Music Composition and Arranging


Video Editing and Animation 

blender logo.png

Audio Recording and Production

live logo.png

Poster and Album Design

june 17 poster purp.png
intangible tales poster.jpg
press pic ice.png
Earth To Isaac Cover.png
ghost me cover.JPG
EP Cover.png
final poster 1080x1920.png

Ensemble and Private Music Instruction

ccja logo.JPG
liyh logo.JPG
pp logo.jpg

Sideman Recording

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